Our Key Features


Integrated as coconut suppliers we establish partnerships with coconut farmers to ensure the availability of raw materials for universal purposes.


Quality as a sales and services that make it easier for customers to qualify a product as well as possible.


Comitted We will try our best to build trust with our partners around the world.


Inovated By developing our potential and production more optimally we strive to meet the commodity needs of the world market.

Our Product

Best Product is Our Pride

Coconut Peat

"Made from the original powdered coconut fibers that were mashed for a reliable medium to grow crops. One of the benefits of using cocopeat as a hydroponic growing medium is that it has a ph of 5.0-6.8 and is therefore very good for plant growth."

Coco Fiber

"Coconut coir fiber, or in world trade known as Coco Fiber, Coir fiber, coir yarn, coir mats, and rugs, are products of coconut coir processing. Traditionally fiber Coconut coir is only used for making brooms, doormats, ropes and household utensils other. Technological developments, physico-chemical properties of fiber, and consumer awareness to return to materials naturally, making coconut coir fiber used as raw material for the carpet, upholstery and textile industries vehicle dashboard, mattress, pillow, and hardboard. Coconut coir fiber is also used for erosion control. Coir fiber is processed to be used as Coir Fiber Sheet which is used for car seat lining, Spring Bed and others."

Coconut Pots

"Eco-friendly pots made of Coconut coir, not easily broken, durable in sunligt and able to absorb water for soil availability. One of the main benefits of Coir Pot is beautifying plants, a source of organic material for planting media." View Catalog All

Coconut Sugar

"Various advantages of using coconut sugar." View Catalog All